Training Programs

The following pages outline some of the training programs I’ve followed on my journey so far. I’m happy to share them with you but no responsibility is taken for the programs described. If you want specifically tailored Coaching advice then please feel free to contact me directly.

Running Programs

Triathlon Programs


For most of the training, complete the session in the T1-T2 training zone

Zone Level of Intensity Approx. Heart Rate
T1 Converse comfortably Recovery/easy 60 – 75% of Max. HR
T2 Complete a full sentence with difficulty Extensive Aerobic/Comfortable 75 – 85% of Max. HR
T3 Utter a few words Intensive Aerobic/Uncomfortable – Becoming stressful 85 – 90% of Max. HR
T4 Limited to 1 or 2 words Threshold/Stressful 90 – 92% of Max. HR
T5 Speechless V02max/Extremely Stressful Greater than 92% of Max. HR