Race Reports

A partial list of events completed doing the Scott Shuffle!! I might be slow but I do get there (eventually)

Date Event Time
2006 Geelong Half Marathon 2hrs 20min
2006 Great Ocean Road 25km 2hrs 30min
2006 Melbourne Half Marathon 2hrs 10min 28sec
2009 Melbourne Marathon 5hrs 7min 57sec
2010 Mt Buller & Back In a Day (Cycling) 110km
2010 30th DeCastella Run 1hr 30min
2010 Gold Coast Half Ironman 6hrs 22min
2011 2XU Falls Creek Long Course Triathlon DNF
2011 St Kilda SuperSprint Triathlon 1hr 22min
2011 14.38km Royal Childrens Hospital Run For Kids 1hr 24min
2011 Port Macquarie 70.3 Half Ironman 6hrs 8min
2011 Latrobe Valley Winter Triathlon 1hr 27min
2011 Melbourne Half Marathon 1hr 56min 1sec
2011 Shepparton Half Ironman 6hrs 9min
2012 Singapore Half Ironman 6hr 46min 1sec
2012 Yeppoon Half Ironman 6hr 6min
2012 Shepparton Half Ironman 6hr 7min
2012 Ironman WA 14hrs 24min
2013 Southwest Sufferfest Long Course 5hr 50min
2013 Ironman UK 14hr 34min