Melbourne Marathon 2009

2009 Melbourne Marathon 20km Mark

The Melbourne Marathon is one of the biggest Marathons in Australia and was my first attempt at ‘The Big One’. Even with all the training I found myself at the start line wondering ‘Just What the Hell am I doing here?’. Especially as I was still 108kg.

Still, things went right on the day and below are a couple of thoughts from the race.

Before the start

Why are the queues for the toilets so long. Cross your legs and find a bit of string!

At the start

“There are a lot of fit looking people around, I’ve obviously undertrained. Just what the hell am I doing here?”

1km mark

Okay time to get the iPod going. Oh S%^$!t!!!! . The iPod it isn’t working. The battery must be flat. That’s all I need, 5 hours and no iPod. No!!!!!!

After 5min: Ahhhh It’s ok, I just turn the sound up. D’oh!!!!

3km mark

There is a little bit of pressure under my right foot, maybe I should stop and fix my sock? No it will be ok.

4km mark

Running beside another couple of guys, they make the comment they are feeling strong but are probably running a bit fast. I’m doing the same. I wonder how it will affect me on the back half? Prophetic words

4.5km mark

The pressure under my right foot has spread and now my entire right foot has gone to sleep

5km mark

My left foot has gone to sleep as well. Now I can’t feel either foot.

10km mark

1hr. Yeah Gads!!!! that is only slightly slower than my best 10km race pace and I’m doing that in a marathon.

15km mark

I pass a marshall and ask ‘Are we there yet?’ ANSWER…Ummmmmmm……….No
At least I am starting to feel my feet again

16km mark

It has been a long run up Beach Road, I’m ready for some food!

22.1km mark

Chatting to another runner, I comment. “I’m sure I only signed up for the ½ Marathon. Perhaps I took a wrong turn?”

24km mark

The fronts of my legs are feeling a little stiff

26km mark

They say you should be present to your surrounding. Come out of the little hidy hole in my brain OOOUUUUUCCCCHHHH!!!!! Maybe that was not such a good idea, everything is screaming at me!

29km mark THE WALL

30km mark

Maybe time for a little walk. Now while I have the opportunity to think straight, why has the same 5 AC/DC songs been playing on the iPod since I started for the past 3 hours. Daniel must have wiped it. Might have to have words when I get home!

34km mark

Feeling a little faint now. It’s okay though the food/drink station is only another 1km up the road

36km mark – PANIC

I’m sure I’ve missed the drink station and break down in TEARS. How am I going to make it to the finish? How could I have missed it? Am I so out of it?
Um.. YES!

36.5km mark – RELIEF

The drinks station is in the wrong place. Water, powerade and a melted chocolate energy bar. I feel sick and don’t want it but manage ½ energy bar before throwing the rest in the bin

37km mark

Walking with another runner, (who looks way fitter than me). In his words ‘If I knew it was going to be this tough I would never have done it. As for me. I never realised that the white paint for line markings on the roads were so high!

40km mark – Smile for the camera

Flinders St, official photos as we run past. It isn’t a smile on my face, more a grimace of pain

41km mark

Hang on I lost a kilometre somewhere, how did I get here

42km mark

Entering the G, OH NO! The tunnel is up hill.
Why is that guy crawling in front of me?

42.2km – The end

It looks like a war zone. Paramedics have a guy on a trolley, another is lying on the ground staring off into space. I’ve no idea how I’m going to get down the tunnel to get off the MCG.

But ultimately the thought is “Is that it, what next?”

What went right

  • Finishing
  • Putting drink bottles at strategic places with food and not relying on organisers
  • Taping heels
  • Ipod shuffle with music
  • Continuing to eat even when feeling sick

What could be better

  • Should have taken earlier walking breaks
  • Went out a little hard and ran first 10km at 10km pace
  • Reliance on chocolate gu’s, other flavours would be better in hot weather
  • Not taking powerade at first drink break (only took water)
  • Forgot to tape toe nails (hence got blister under toenail)
  • Forgot to tape blister point on balls of foot (hence got blister on side of each foot)
  • Chocolate Titan Power bars & Hot weather don’t mix