About Me

Wow, where do you start with a description of yourself without sounding a bit self indulgent, or without writing War and Peace?

Perhaps five years ago and 130kg, fat, unfit and unable to run 50m without heaving is a good place to start.

As a child, I always wanted to be an astronaut, though there was the general consensus that I would need a bloody big rocket or I simply wouldn’t get off the ground. They didn’t nickname me ‘Bouncer’ for nothing.

As a sportsman I was a great goalkeeper. To tell you the truth though, that probably had more to do with the fact that when I stood in goal there was no space for the ball to get around. But, hey, if you have a skill you might as well use it!  🙂

I’ve always been conscious of my weight and size. My teenage years were a lesson in yoyo dieting. I’d drop 5kg then add 6kg. I’d drop 5kg and add 6kg more. The trouble was, I had no idea how to structure a program or even how to stick to it. Doctors would say, ‘Eat vegetables’. All fine but when you think Pizza is a vegetable or a Family Pizza to yourself is the correct portion size then success is going to be hard to achieve.

So let’s fast forward 20 or so years. I had a successful career, flew all over the World on business and my weight had steadily risen to about 130kg. I say ‘about’ because, I stopped counting at 120kg. In fact I stopped using the Bathroom scales and stopped looking at myself in the mirror.

That was until one day I went gliding, I’d always wanted to go gliding. Gliding is a graceful and elegant sport, with the aircraft soaring effortlessly on the breeze.

Let me tell you NOT WHEN I WAS ON BOARD.

We unhooked from the towing aircraft and we went down like a stone. The poor pilot behind me (I’m sure he was a pygmy he was so light) had to all his skills to get us down safely. His comments on the way down, many of which are not repeatable but the nicest was ‘JESUS YOU MUST HAVE HAD YOUR PORRIDGE THIS MORNING’ were downright embarrassing.

Thankfully, we made it down alive, the plane was undamaged and the switch inside me was flipped.

It was time to start taking responsibility for my actions. Get my weight issue under control and to start re engaging with life and with family.

The past 5 years have been an amazing education in life, health, fitness and nutrition. Starting with small steps, I’ve now completed short runs, half marathons, marathons and half ironman, two Ironmans and am now coaching.

I’m now training for the Marathon Des Sable, arguably the toughest footrace on Earth. 250km across the Sahara Desert in 50C temperatures, carrying all you need on your back.

People ask why?

For anyone who hasn’t undertaken a significant challenge such as Ironman or MdS it is difficult to explain. For me, it’s about the journey. It is about the challenge, about family, about friends, about support and about learning what makes me tick. The  event is simply one of the rewards at the end.

I am supported by a wonderful family Janette, Daniel & Emma and have a sensational coach Brian Rabinowitz. All of who support me and help me achieve things I couldn’t have imagined just a couple of years ago.

So if you want to make a difference in your life, be it getting off the couch, your first 5km or even something more adventurous and you’d like some help on the journey. Feel free to give me a call. I don’t bite and the initial consultation is free 🙂