Back to being a Caveman or The Paleo Diet

I’m back on the Paleo Diet and feeling GREAT!

The training continues and I’ve been enjoying the slightly reduced volume over the past couple of weeks. Though this isn’t likely to continue as I’ve now seen my new program for the next 6 weeks. I think someone once said that ‘life wasn’t meant to be easy’, 🙂

While my training volume has been down, I’ve taken the opportunity to clean up my diet a bit. Those of you who have read this blog before will know that I’ve given up both coffee and (mostly) alcohol over the past few weeks. The results of which have been SPECTACULAR. I’m now pretty much sleeping through the night, every night. Something that has eluded me for perhaps 20 years or more.

Cleaning up my diet has been a progressive thing as well. I managed to lose 10kg last year following the Paleo diet, but like any ‘diet’ if it doesn’t become a lifestyle then it is doomed to failure. That being said, I’ve been following some of the basic rules of the Paleo diet again that seem to be
working as I don’t have to think too hard or measure anything

  1. Eat as much lean fish, meat, chicken as I like
  2. Eat as much fruit and vegetables as I can
  3. Drink as much water as I can hold
  4. Limit (Depending on training volume) Potatoes and Brown Rice ie. Calorie Dense Carbs. (Where possible I meet my training needs through lots of other vegetables)
  5. No Processed food at all. So no grains, no breads, no flour
  6. No alcohol

Is it hard to follow? Not really, it does mean that I have to think about everything that goes into my mouth. Though that’s not such a bad

Does it work? Yes absolutely. I’ve been feeling great with lots of energy and without any hunger pangs.

When I really notice a difference is if I break the rules. (ie If I have alcohol, my sleep is disrupted and I feel sluggish the next morning.)

What I’m really learning though it that if I eat crap, then I feel crap. It’s that simple.

Next race is coming up this weekend. A winter triathlon BBRRRRRR!