New Beginnings

Corr, it’s been two months since my last post, which means it’s also two months since I managed to injure myself. (Well at least the first of a number of injuries)

It seems that the time since my last post has been a bit of a waste and things have gone backwards, but perhaps it has been a needed break from training.

All was going well until I sprained my ankle a couple of weeks out from the North Face 100 on my biggest training day of the year. I did manage to keep increasing my distance on a treadmill and all seemed to be going well after the sprain but as soon as I went out on the trails, I managed to roll my ankle again. Just when I thought I’d gotten over that, I managed to pull a calf muscle (actually I think it just gave me the F#$K You finger for continuing to train with an injury), then when I thought that was resolved, I tore it again on the beach after a 3km light jog.

So I finally, and most people would probably say wisely (I’m not known for being wise) took a couple of weeks off from running to give my body time to heal. Not that I’ve been lazy as I’ve been ‘cross training’ building a house, digging, lifting etc etc, and managing 10km of walking/running per day (Though perhaps I have been a bit lazy as my weight has shot up again out of control.) And that little rest has given me a bit of perspective.

Whilst I was doing well, I had managed to put myself into ‘Overtraining mode’, and I also hadn’t been looking after my diet properly. And as it is wont to do, my body rebelled from the abuse.

Though thankfully with a few weeks off, my body has recovered, my mind is wanting to really go again, I’ve had a couple of really enjoyable 2hr+ run/walks in the last week (even in atrocious weather) and I have exactly 270 days to get myself right for the MdS.

So it is time to do some planning. Get my training sorted and full steam ahead.

Now if only the body and the mind will cooperate all will be well.