Clearing the Niggles

sand-hill-2Wow. No posts for months, then two in a week! Probably because I’m energised and getting things done now that I’m into MdS.

And it’s been a busy couple of days. As I said in the last post, I’ve put together a list of things to start doing as I get this campaign going and right at the top of the list was to clear the decks ‘so to speak’

I’ve been getting a pain on the inside of my right knee at about  the 5-10km mark on every run. I can run through the pain and it does go away, though it generally does come back at night when I’m in bed and can wake me up when I’m turning over. And with the amount of training I have in front of me, I thought it prudent to get it looked at now before it turns into an injury.

So it was off to the Physio yesterday. I’ve been using Randall Cooper from the Melbourne Sports Medicine Clinic for a number of years now and he has been fantastic at helping me sort issues. Though his diagnosis was a bit brutal. ‘Scott you’re just getting old and you’re unfit’ 

Brutal, but true and he did say it with a smile on his face! LOL.

And to be honest, there was a bit more to his diagnosis. I’d completely forgotten, but he reminded me that I had an identical issue on my left knee on the build up to Ironman Western Australia and it is simply that my PES is getting inflamed. We treated that with lots of icing, stretching and some strengthening exercises and eventually it went away. So we’ll implement the same strategy this time and hopefully as my body gets used to running longer distances again and I strengthen up, it will go away.

Off the back of that, I also had a visit to the running shop for some new trail shoes.

I love my Saloman SpeedCross3’s but have always had a problem using them with my orthotics as it almost felt like I was running in high heels. Now I know many of you will suggest that I should be well practised at that running in tights and drag, but I really would like to get that sorted as I’m pretty sure it is contributing to my PES issue as well.

An hour later and $180 lighter (including socks) I’m now the proud owners of a pair of Saloman Sense Pro’s. They aren’t quite as aggressive in the tread pattern as the SpeedCross3’s, but they are much lighter and seem to fit my Orthotics better. That being said, I’ve also booked an appointment with the Podiatrist, just to make sure everything is perfect.

Then just to finish everything off, I thought I’d try out the big sand hill I’ve found about 15min from where I live. It’s famous for people sand boarding down it and straight into the ocean. It’s also BLOODY STEEP and was a huge shock to the system. I’ve never tried to run up such a big and steep sand hill before and truly got to appreciate the feeling of 1 step forward an 2 steps back. I’m not sure the photos above, do it justice but it took around an hour to climb it 10 times, with thighs burning. I think speed wise that equates to around a 2-3kmh average. Which makes the thought of doing a full marathon distance over this type of terrain day after day in 50C truly frightening.