MdS 2016 I’m in!!!!!!

Well it has been a long time coming but I received an email from the organisers at the Marathon Des Sable confirming my entry into their 2016 event! WOOHOO!

But now the reality of what I’ve bitten off is starting to set in and there is so much to organise.

Yes we are 16 months out for the event, but I remember the timeline from going from couch potato to Ironman triathlete was longer and that time disappeared incredibly quickly!

So that gives me about about 16months to get myself fit enough to undertake the event and to sort out all the little bits and pieces! And what a list there will be

1) Training plan including A&B races in 2015 leading up to the event. I’ve already earmarked the North Face 100km trail race as a training run.

2) Find a number of different training courses. I’ve been scouting major sandhills and dunes around where we live to get more experience on running on sand. Yes it is different sand to what we’ll experience in the desert but at least it is a start.

3) Choose my gear. Given that we have to carry everything on our backs that we need for the race this is going to take some experimentation. Everything from rucksack, sleeping bag, cooking gear etc etc has to be purchased and tested

3) Sort my injuries. I’m carrying a number of little niggles from the training over the past few months. I’m pretty sure that they are related to orthotics and a glute weakness, but I need to get them sorted before the training volume really starts to ramp up.

4) Food. We have to carry all our food for the week, so I’m going to need to find food that is high in calories, but is also very light and sits well with me whilst running.

5) Fundraising: I’m going to be working with the Massimo Foundation to help raise money and awareness of what they are doing, so that will have to be planned and executed.

6) Sponsorship: It’s been suggested to me that what I’m about to undertake isn’t a normal day to day experience (actually a number of people think I’m just plain crazy) and there might be a number of companies out there that would like to help with sponsorship. I’m not sure about it, but it is worth considering.

7) Support Crew: Whilst support crews aren’t allowed in any shape or form in the desert. Getting to the start of a race like this is a major undertaking and is impossible to do alone. I have been blessed with having a great bunch of people supporting me in previous races and will need to pull them around me again for this one!

8) Make Lists: I hate making lists and writing things down, but there a so many little things that can trip you up on a major expedition like this that it is imperative that you have your checklists in place. I was talking to Tristan Miller from and he was docked 1hr for having the wrong type of ECG readout when he turned up to the event, so I’ll have to make sure that I go through everything with a fine tooth comb!

9) Do my blog post: I’ve been incredibly lax over this blog in the past few months. Time to change that.

10) ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE: I have to keep reminding myself that the experience is actually the training and the reward is the race at the end!

So here goes nothing! 🙂