So both the Ironman World Championships and the Melbourne Marathon are on today and I’m not in either. And I’m insanely jealous! With 12months out of Ironman, I thought I was over the bug, but obviously not. I was shouting at the screen and willing on the participants just like I always do, and a part of me wanted to be there.

But it isn’t to be at the moment and I have to keep reminding myself that there is another goal in play. Marathon Des Sables. And I have to get serious as entries are going to open up shortly and I’ll have to shell out $6000+ just to enter. (Not including Airfares) Given that I haven’t yet mentioned the fact of the expense to the War Department, I better make sure that I’m fully committed and in full training before I do.

With that in mind, obviously my new training program is going well. Well you might think that, but 10 days with ManFlu has put paid to any thoughts of training. Obviously I’m excused though as ManFlu is most definitely worse than the normal flu and some even liken it’s severity to Ebola. Whatever the case, it put paid to any training. That was until last Thursday when I managed a 5km walk (in about 90min), though this was good as a week earlier I was struggling to walk to the bottom of the garden. By Saturday I managed an uninterrupted 5km run on the beach and today managed a little over 12km. So definitely on the mend.

But reality has also set in. I put my garmin on today to see how I was faring on the 12km run and unfortunately a couple of home truth’s have set in.

  1. I’m Fat
  2. I’m unfit
  3. My amazing 5km run on the beach isn’t actually 5km, so my associated times aren’t good, in fact they are pretty crap.
  4. My 15km weekend run, isn’t 15km and is closer to 12km (See 1,2,3 above)
  5. The reason my running seems so hard is that I’m spending most of it in T3+ which points to 2 above. Obviously it looks like I’m going to have to give up the pork pies (again)

So that’s the bad news.

The good news is that at least all of that is fixable. Now that my EbolaFlu is over and my garmin has been dusted off, there is no reason why I can’t restart everything from tomorrow and get going again.

Better still tomorrow is a rest day. Yippeee.