IMUK Recovery

I’d forgotten how hard the days immediately after an Ironman can be. Once the hype of the day has passed then the recovery phase hits you like a ton of bricks.

Monday: After a night with no sleep after the high of finishing IMUK I was feeling reasonably good. The muscles whilst sore weren’t too bad, but my brain was fried. I always have to remember on in my recovery that due to the lack of sleep (full of caffeine and other such crap from the race) and the physical exertion I’m actually very tired and become very forgetful.

For example I thought I’d lost my race helmet. After running around checking lost property, it was pointed out to me that I’d actually started the race with 3 race bags and I needed to collect the BIG RED BAG that everyone else was carrying around. Not only did it contain my helmet, but my gloves, my shoes and my entire cycling kit (which I hadn’t missed). I had absolutely no memory of putting all my gear into that bag in transition.

Tuesday: Now the pain really begins. Walking more than a few metres becomes a challenge. A walking/zimmer frame would be good. It isn’t just the pain from every bit of your body that gets you but just your speed. Even a snail seems to be moving faster.

Wednesday: After a few days you’d think that the recovery would be over but stairs are a real problem. In fact any step bigger than an inch or two hurts. Down is worse than up. And did I mention the hunger. I’m eating everything that doesn’t move and some things that do :-0.

Thursday: Now the tiredness has hit. I feel like I could sleep for days and in fact take every opportunity to nap during the day

Friday: Now I’ve been hit by some sort of virus. Sore throat and tiredness all in one.

Saturday: Almost a week after IMUK and I’ve managed a 20min run today. The body feels tired, overweight and sore but I was surprised that I managed 20min without any difficulty.

Now for another two weeks of holiday then refocus for my next challenge. Ironman New Zealand in a few months time.