European Adventure

So the time has nearly arrived and I’ve entered into the final phase before Ironman UK. The dreaded taper….

The taper is a time where in theory all the hard work is behind you and you ease off the training to allow the body time to recover. Normally I’d do a taper for about 2 weeks before an event, and whilst the training volume is reduced their is still an amount of structure.

Well not this time. I’m learning that doing a taper in conjunction with an International holiday is throwing up many more challenges. For one thing just getting time to exercise (formally) is a challenge. And then there are the local conditions.

For example when I did have a chance to exercise in Dubai, the outside temperature was 47C at 9:30am in the morning (and topped out at 50C). Not exactly conducive to good running conditions. I did manage a 20min walk but just about melted.

So rather than stress it I went for a massage to get some creases out of my body after the 14hour plane flight. Though the massage was interesting. Having a masseur kneeling on my back and digging both of her knees into my spine was interesting. It was only when later she asked if I wanted massaging in ‘other’ areas, I realised that there was probably more services on offer than an athlete should be interested in. My IM training certainly came to the for as I high tailed it out of there super quick! 🙂

Paris was surprisingly hot as well with temperatures most days exceeding 35C and extremely high humidity. That being said I did get in a couple of amazing runs. Notre Dame Cathedral, the Seine, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe all in a single 1hour run.

For the most part my training has taken the form of walking. We’ve been doing around 4-5 hours of solid walking per day (on top of the runs) and the legs have been feeling the strain.

So now I sit here with all the training behind me. The bike and all my gear is checked in. All that is left is to make it to the start line at 6:00am tomorrow. The swim doesn’t worry me as the lake is quite warm. The bike course looks extremely tough, but nothing worse than I’ve been training on for the past few years.

The run, well that will be what will be.

So hopefully by a tomorrow plus a few hours I’ll be Fatman2Ironman2. We shall see.