Sometimes you just want to give up!

I’ve always tried to use this blog as a bit of a record of the up’s and downs of training for an Ironman.

Most weeks it’s up.

Then there are weeks where the opposite happens!

Last week was great, I felt fantastic and was on a high from the radio interview. But by about Friday the Energizer Bunny Batteries ran out big time.

Experience has shown me that there comes a time in training where you get so tired that all you want to do is curl up in a ball somewhere, hide and sleep. (Especially when so many people are following your exploits.)

And with only 13weeks to go until Busselton the weekend training load is starting to grow. For example, Saturday was a leisurely 3200m swim and 2hrs running. Sunday was a little tougher though a 2.5hr spin session (which is the equivalent of 3-4hours on the road) then straight into 2hrs on the bike. By the end of that I was so tired that I was feeling physically sick. It probably didn’t help that I was out all Sunday afternoon and spent most of it walking and standing around.

By Monday I was feeling exhausted and flat. Then the 90min afternoon run on Tuesday (after my 3km swim) my knee started playing up. Not only did I feel tired, exhausted and crap but everytime my left foot hit the ground, I got a shooting pain up my left leg.

I have to tell you I was seriously questioning WHY!

So it’s now Wednesday. With a good night’s sleep I’m starting to feel a little better and have extricated myself from the funk. For one thing I’ve been inspired by watching the Para Olympics and seeing how others haven’t given up and overcome some significant disabilities to perform on the World Stage. But additionally I’ve been reminded that there are so many people in the World worse off than I am and I should have Gratitude for Every Day and be Thankful.

So, I’m out of my funk and away we go again! 🙂