Coffee Update – 5 months on

Without a doubt the most popular and most read post I have written in the past 12 months has been on the pain of giving up Coffee! In part this is thanks to a popular website in the USA ( picking up my comments and reposting them. (Thanks guys)

So, with so many people interested in the how and why, I thought it only fitting five months on to give an update on my ‘Coffee Addiction’

By way of background you can read my previous posts

Giving up Coffee – WOW DID THAT HURT!


So was it worth it?

So was it worth it? I still have to give a resounding YES.

There are probably many benefits to giving up the coffee, but regardless of what they maybe the two majors that have had a major impact on my life are:

1) My Insomnia has been completely cured. For the past 20 years I had been a chronic insomniac. Now, I sleep every night and better still fall asleep almost instantly. No longer do I have the 2-3 hours of tossing and turning before I finally doze off! I’m not saying that I necessarily wakeup refreshed but given my Ironman training that is another story.

2) I haven’t had a single headache since I stopped drinking coffee.

So in review, have I had cravings or broken?




I have had one coffee by accident (I wasn’t thinking when it was put in front of me) in the past five months and stopped drinking it about half way through once I realised. (Interestingly I felt fatigued and tired for about two hours afterwards. ) But really I have been quite lucky. In the early days I did have some cravings, but they were pretty minor. To offset these I replaced my normal coffee with a product called CARO which is a wheat/barley drink and caffeine free. It tastes a bit like instant coffee when made strong, but without all the side effects. It does help with the habit side of things though.

I also had the occassional Decaf Coffee, but really at most that was one per day and for the most part, I could either take it or leave it. And actually that is pretty much what happened. I had a sip and left it!

These days I don’t even think about having a coffee.

Now if I could only do the same thing with chocolate! 😉

But that is another story.