Unintended Consequences

Giving up coffee and eating healthily for a month now has certainly had it’s consequences, some unintended.

Training has intensified with a vengence over the couple of weeks. I remember only a few short weeks ago complaining to my coach that my training regime seemed a little light on.

Ha! I should have kept my mouth shut.

It’s been out of bed at 4:30am-5:00am most mornings over the past couple of weeks to get my training in before leaving for work. Then it’s been a session of similar length in the evenings as well. No wonder that on last weeks ‘recovery’ week I felt so flat, tired and worn out! Add to the mix a major shift in my nutrition and hydration, I’m not sure that my body exactly knows which way is up these days.

Getting my nutrition right to have sufficient energy on board without using anything processed has been a challenge and I’ve certainly craved processed foods at time, but managed to ‘stay true’. It hasn’t all been easy though as I’ve been suffering headaches and a continual thirst.

My initial worry with thirst was that it was the first symptoms of diabetes, especially with a change in diet, but interestingly it is not the case. It is simply that without all the crap in my system I’m actually able to recognise when I’m getting thirsty. Historically it seems that I’d been misreading the signals and eating rather than drinking, hence the weight gain. I’ll be interested to see how that pans out over the next few months.

The headaches have taken a little longer to sort out. Initially I put the headaches down to giving up coffee. Whilst that was certainly true in the early days, they have continued longer than expected.

Then we tried the hydration angle, if you’re dehydrated then that can also cause headaches. I’m not too worried about something more insidious happening inside my head as it’s not that long ago I had a full brain CT scan after a motorcycle accident. They found nothing inside, rather nothing that shouldn’t be there. So the headaches have been a bit of a mystery, until today that is.

I just happened to walk past my optometrist by chance last week and set an appointment with them. It seems my headaches are coming from the fact that my glasses are now too strong. Now this could be put down to the fact that as we age our eyes do change, however, the response from my optometrist was “Wow’ your eyes do look healthier, clearer and in much better shape than last time I saw you”

So who knows. What I do know though is that I’ve walked out of the optometrist lighter in the wallet and hopefully without headaches from now on.